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Kyle Busch and NOS Energy Drink Reignite High Performance Partnership!

Kyle Busch and NOS Energy Drink Reignite High Performance Partnership!

During the past 14 years, Kyle Busch has taken the green flag at 390 NASCAR Sprint Cup races, 311 Xfinity races and 129 Camping World Truck races. That’s 830 races in all. And he’s won 154 of them. In a brilliant career that is punctuated by one race win after another, Kyle Busch, the 2015 NACAR Sprint Cup Champion, truly is a High Performance Athlete. And beginning in 2016, he’ll be powered by a High Performance Energy Drink. NOS Energy Drink.
Unlike any other Energy Drink on Planet Earth, NOS Energy Drink actually is born out of horsepower. A whole lot of horsepower. You see way back in 1978, two young drag racers looking for unprecedented levels of asphalt wrinkling horsepower, figured out that ramming Nitrous Oxide (NO) into a racing engine did just that. So much so that it took a six-point harness to actually keep the driver in the car! And from the moment that white knuckled wheelman got out of his machine, Nitrous Oxide Systems was born. And in the years to come, so was NOS Energy Drink. Competition proven in every sense of the two words, NOS and NOS Energy Drink are indelible parts of motor racing – every bit as much as the black and white checkers of a wildly waved racing flag.
“Joining up with NOS Energy Drink is going to be a lot of fun for me, because the guys over at NOS share my passion for motorsports,” declared Kyle Busch who makes his living wrestling around a 358 cubic inch, 800 horsepower-motivated NASCAR stock car. “I love to race. I’ll race anywhere, anytime. In NACAR, I go from the Sprint Cup Series to the Xfinity Series, to the Camping World Truck Series and I even run late models, so every time I’m traveling around, I will have a NOS with me to keep me energized for each race!”

Added Lauren E. Albano, Senior Brand Manager – NOS Energy Drink, “When it comes to horsepower, speed and high energy, it doesn’t get any more competition proven than NOS Energy Drink. And when the time comes for Kyle Busch to climbs into his race car, he needs to perform at his highest level. For that, the man needs a High Performance Energy Drink. We’ll be able to help him out with that! NOS Energy Drink has partnered with Kyle in the past and know very well that he is ALL about winning. In the revolutions per minute world of car racing, together with Kyle, we’re about to start another one!”

Kyle Busch. High Performance Athlete. High Performance Energy Drink. NOS Energy Drink. Welcome Kyle Busch and welcome Race Fans!

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